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Ryan Gray (B) – President – [email protected]

Open – Vice President – [email protected]

Melissa Kruse (B) – Treasurer - [email protected]

Brian Benson (B) – Secretary

Aaron Anderson (G) - Tryout/Draft Coaching Director (Girls)

Josh Baade (B) - Tryout/Draft Coaching Director (Boys)

Jon Burke (G/B) - Uniform & Fundraising Director - [email protected]

Ted Gerber (G/B)

Lacey Fulton (G/B)

JBC Admin-[email protected]

Communication/IT- JBC Admin

Consultants to the Board
Chad Jilek - JHS Girls Head Coach
Courtney Henderson - JHS Boys Head Coach

G - Girls' Representative
B - Boys' Representative

Boys' board representatives:  [email protected]

Girls' board representatives:  [email protected]

All board members:  [email protected]